Japanese Clients

The following is an overview of our past work in filing and processing applications for Japanese clients. We hope the summary of them, broken down by client and intellectual property category, will help to give you an idea of our capabilities and track record.

Domestic Trademarks

  • Keio Corporation
  • Keio Group Companies
  • Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • OAT Agrio Co., Ltd.
  • Ginza Maggy Co., Ltd.
  • Hanayama Delivery System Co., Ltd.
  • Hanayama Toys Co., Ltd.
  • Xebec Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.

Foreign Trademarks

(International trademark registrations, registrations in the European Union, and overall procedures in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, African Countries)

  • Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.,
    OAT Agrio Co., Ltd.,
    Xebec Technology Co., Ltd.,
    Sugar Matrix Co., Ltd.

Domestic Designs

  • Fuji Sash Co., Ltd.
  • Hanayama Toys Co., Ltd.